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Flying Daggers

Posted by auriz pada Maret 14, 2009


Li Huai was an orphan without a family since he was young, his childhood consisted of hunger, cold, loneliness, & sufferings. He owned not a thing in the world, the only thing he could rely on was his optimistic character that would not give in to fate and the smile on his face. He had two friends by his side, one was called Zhao Sha, the other Zhang Mei, both were also orphans. Zhao & Zhang have similar family backgrounds, but their personalities were different, one was good-hearted, the other liked to fight. Li Huai never compromised, never accepted defeat, he never complained, finally brought the god of fate into complete prostration, cannot but incline in favor with him.

He originally had a family, moreover it was an incomparable, prominent family — his family clan was of nobility for generations, his grandfather was, in the past century, Jiang Hu’s one & only, admired by all heroes, the famous “Xiao Li Fei Dao”, Li Xun Huan.

He not only had a family, also from his father Li Man Qing acquired the insight that there really was a sharp, accurate flying knife technique, this all fascinated him. Pity, a real pity that, this strange and cold family was unable to bring Li Huai warmth, relieve him of his loneliness. He did not belong to his father & brother’s social stratum. He could not bear the restraints, not the kind of aristocratic conceitedness & coldness/indifference. He rather be like a wild dog rolling in the mud, than to live in a world of sumptuous lifestyle that didn’t belong to him. Li Huai courageously ran from the family admired by everyone & what he had longed for. He ran & did not turn nor look back…….

God of the fate submits to him once more. He obtained from his deceased mother an embroidered purse, inside it was a small map. He found the place indicated on the map. This map was like a Midas’ Touch. He found that place, he lived there alone for seven years, mastered the one & only flying knife technique, also found the buried treasure that could take on a nation. He continued to roam about, playing through life. He was chivalrous, squandered money like dirt. He saved many families from the verge of collapse, also helped many young couples to establish their own loving families. These people attempted to inquire by any means possible their benefactor’s identity, wanted to know where he came from, & where he will go, but they were completely out at sea/miss the point.

Li Huai had a feeling of success from all the good deeds he has done, but could not get rid of the loneliness inside him. Under that profligate, uninhibited semblance, was a heart craving for stability and warmth/love. Family represented stability, warmth/love. More and more he longed for…..longed for a family of his own, a stable and loving family. In order to seek and establish a family of his own, he could not help but to return to that mountain city he once lived in his youth. In that city was a little girl named Fang Keke, she once was a helpless girl, having a family was like not having a family, was loathed & abandoned by her father, but under Li Huai’s help, she not only miraculously obtained her father’s love, but also became the apple of her father’s eyes[or the pearl on her father’s palm], a collection of love centering all on her….



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  1. Visla said

    koleksinya dijual ga…pm me

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